Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This year one of my resolutions is to try new vegetables.  There are some things that I've never eaten, and others that I've eaten but never liked.  There are some things that I eat all the time, and with those I'd like to try them a completely new way.  My kids, who are pretty good at trying new things (whether or not they eat more than one bite!), have agreed to try three new vegetables a month.  So look for that in this coming year.  On schedule for January are beets, bok choy, and radishes.  I'll post recipes and results as they come through.

What are your goals for this year?  And do they have anything to do with eating?


M said...

Love beets, never had bok choy (that I know of), don't care for radishes at all. Three a month sounds like a lot. Won't you run out of new veggies by Memorial Day? Good to show the kids that you're willing to try new things too.

M said...

Does cactus count as a vegetable? I had that as part of the brunch dish at that Mexican restaurant in Utah with the weird angel dolls whose feet were dipped in sprinkles.

Holly said...

Cactus definitely counts! I've already made a list, and there are nearly enough for three a month. Of course, some of them I've eaten, but most of them the kids have never had. And then there are a few I threw in, like asparagus, which we eat regularly but I'd like to try in a completely new way.

You're welcome to come try them with us!