Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Lot of Meat

We recently went in with a friend and purchased a whole beef.  My portion of it was a quarter, which was plenty for the space we had available to store it in.  This is amazingly delicious, tender, and juicy fully-grass-fed no hormone real meat, folks.  And in case you were wondering what a quarter beef looks like, here's what it looked like on my table as I was sorting it all out:

Also in case you were wondering, that is about 133 pounds of beef, and consists of:

Chuck roasts (5), Short Ribs (1), rump roast (1), bottom round (1), sirloin top roast (1), soup meat (2), arm roast (1), T-Bone steaks (6), Sirloin steaks (4 very large--that's what my baby is grabbing in the picture), Porterhouse steaks (4), flank steak (1), brisket (1), top round (2), and ground beef (31 lbs). There were also bones and offals, but I declined to have those.

I'm curious to see how long this lasts my family of 6.  I'll keep you updated.  And if you see a few more beef recipes than normal, now you know why.


Chris and Christina Taylor said...

Wow that's awesome!! Was it super expensive? I'm guessing that cause you shared the cost, it was less, but just for curiosity's sake, did you have to spend a lot?

Holly said...

Hi Christina,

It was $3.50 per pound, which is a lot for ground beef but ridiculously cheap for for that many steaks and roasts. So it's better meat, at a better price. A great deal overall, as long as you have an extra freezer to put it all in!